In the occasion of the First Forum on Chinese Contemporary Art which takes place at the University of Beijing, Capasso published his text on “avanguard”, “performance”, “performativity” as all elements that regard Chinese Contemporary Art. Beijing International Conference on Art Theory and Criticism with: Terry Smith (Professor at University of Pittsburgh at Pennsylvania), Hal Foster (Professor at Art and Archaeology at Princeton University), Jennifer Purtle (Professor at University of Toronto,Canada), David Carrier (Professor at Case Western Reserve) University in Ohio USA, Minna Torma (Professor at University of Helsinki, Finland), Hans Belting (Professor at State College of Design in Karlsruhe Germany), James Ekins (Professor at the Art Institute of Chicago), Jiang Jiehong, (Senior Lecturer Birmingham City University), Britta Erickson (Independent scholar, curator), John Clark (Professor at the University of Sydney), Angelo Capasso (Art critic, curator, Professor for contemporary art, and
co-director of Volume, Rome), Wen Pulin (Independent art critic), Yang Xiaoyan (Professor at Zhongshan University), Gao Ming Lu (Professor at Sichuan Art Academy & University of Pittsburg in
Pennsylvania), Chang Ning Sheng (Professor at Nanjing Art Institute), Huang He Qing (Professor at Zhejiang University), Wang Nan Ming (Shanghai based art critic), Yang Huiling (Professor at Renmin University), Yin Shuangxi (Professor at Central Academy of Fine Art) Wang Ling (Professor at Sichuan Art Academy), Cao Yiqiang (Professor at Fine Art Academy of China), Ding Ning (Professor at Beijing University), Huang Zhuan (Associate Professor at Guangzhuo Art Academy), Shen Yubin (Professor at Zhejiang University), Feng Yuan (Professor at Zhongshan University), Peng Feng (Professor at Beijing University, Geng Youzhuang (Professor at Renmin University, Yin Jinan (Professor at Central Academy of Fine Art), Zhu Qingsheng (Professor at Beijing University).

CAFA Art Museum – Central Academy of Fine Arts
8, Hua Jia Di Nan Street, Chaoyang District – Beijing