A documentary on Landscape’s day: 14 March 2023 with Salvatore Settis, Federico Zeri, Patrizia Piscitello, Angelo Capasso. https://www.raiplay.it/video/2023/03/Oggi-e-14-marzo-Giornata-nazionale-del-paesaggio-pt3-0222e44e-46e3-4d76-bb43-67271978bb70.html

A documentary on Angelo Capasso and his latest book “Sortir DuChamp” by Mattia Tognoni.

“Oops! How Can I Show it to You? is Dita’s third work. Featuring: Umberto Buono (drums), Valerio Prigiotti (trumpets) , Carolina Landolfi (vocals), Fabrizio Cirillo (bass), Antonio Dorusso (keyboards), Angelo Capasso (guitars).

Copertina Libro Naturans di Angelo Capasso

Elena Del Drago interviews Angelo Capasso on his latest book “Naturans, il paesaggio nell’arte contemporanea”. The interview was broadcasted by RADIO 3 on 29.06.19.

Incense is Dita’s second album. Featuring: Umberto Buono (drums), Valerio Prigiotti (trumpets) , Nati Coppola (vocals), Francesca Pugliese (vocals), Cry.Ing (vocals), Carlo Dal Piaz (bass), Maurizio Pecoraro (bass), Angelo Capasso (guitars).

Landscape (n.). c. 1600, “painting representing an extensive view of natural scenery,” from Dutch landschap “landscape,” in art, a secondary sense from Middle Dutch landscap “region,” from land “land” (see land) + -scap “-ship, condition” (see -ship).

ACTK, is the name of a temporary band and is made by the initials of Angelo Capasso Thorsten Kirchhoff, the only two components of this music project. The track’s cover image is a still from Thorsten Kirchhoff’s video “Overdrive” (2006).

Dita’s first album. Featuring: Maurizio Pecoraro (bass), Angelo Capasso (guitars), Valerio Prigiotti (trumpets), Ronnie Maxwell (bass on “Anything Goes”), Claudia Valeria Letizia (vocals on “Anything Goes), DJ Flavia Lazzarini (electronic drums on “Anything Goes”).

A contribution to Flavia Lazzarini’s album “Aubergine” (2016).

A short surreal comedy with: Carolina Borri, Angelo Capasso, Francesco Impellizzeri, Manuela Tasciotti. Directed by Luca Gregori

Angelo Capasso talks about Art, Design and the Collezione Farnesina Design (Applausi, RAIUNO, 2011, during the exhibition “Il Palazzo della Farnesina e le sue collezioni”).

Andrea Giunti introduces the theme from the residential and commercial services district created at the Tre Fontane by the architect. Vincenzo Bacicalupi. With prof. Angelo Capasso, prof. Arch. Simona Salvo and arch. Andrea Giunti.

Xu Longsen: On Top of Two Empires, opened at the Museum of Roman Civilization in Rome on the summer solstice this year. The magnificent, imperial grandeur of the nexus of the entire Roman Empire formed an unlikely backdrop for an awe-inspiring body of work from one of China’s leading landscape painters. Dialogue was a stated intention of the exhibition for Xu Longsen’s work, juxtaposing the delicate but vast works on paper, massive scrolls, against the authoritative power of Roman sculpture and the monumentality of Roman architecture.

The diversified series of Pescecappa, the kitchen hood designed by Gaetano Pesce, was presented at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition to the designer and architect Gaetano Pesce, among the protagonists also Renza Fornaroli and Angelo Capasso, curators of the Farnesina Design Collection and Francesco Maria Greco, General Manager for cultural promotion and cooperation.

Angelo Capasso is interviewed by Ilari Valbonesi on the Rolling Stones and their relationships with art. The interview was broadcasted by live.radioartemobile.it (26.02.2009, first radio broadcast).

A talk show on Art conducted by Gigliola Cinquetti. Broadcasted on May 29 2007, RAI TRE.

… It is precisely technology, in fact, and its now generalized use in artistic making, that brings the dialogue between art and everyday life to a crucial point, which requires reflection. And it is on this reflection that the exhibition is born. Interni Moderni is a project conceived by the art critic Angelo Capasso and created by three artists, who each worked according to their own interpretation of modernism, but also of interior design, and of art in general. Thorsten Kirchhoff, H.H. Lim and Luca Pancrazzi have undertaken to transform an exhibition space into a home, bearing in mind that that space actually “illegally” occupies an apartment, a place designed to host a private house.

“PopArt UK” a documentary on British Pop Art (2004). Broadcasted by RAI DOC. Directed by Stephen Natanson. With: Peter Blake, Antony Donaldson, Gerarld Laing, Peter Phillips, Alan Jones, Colin Self, Walter Guadagnini and Marco Livingstone.

Within Europalia 2003, the cultural event – linked to the semester of the Italian Presidency of the European Community, the exhibition “Places of affection landscapepassage”, curated by Angelo Capasso, and organized by the Europalia Foundation together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, within the semester of the Italian Presidency of the European Community – will take place in Belgium. The show will be hosted inside the prestigious exhibiting spaces of the Hôtel de Ville of Brussels, right on the Grand Place and at Ikob – Internationales Kunstzentrum Ostbelgien of Eupen (the main German-speaking town in Belgium). The show was born from a text by Angelo Capasso inserted in his last book “AA Art for art”(“AA L’arte per l’arte”, Rome, 2002) which goes back to Gertrude Stein’s words: “Artists have two mother-countries, a true mother-country, and an imaginary one, the one where their art takes place”. The exhibition offers a sight of the journeys and the moving of the contemporary art protagonists in the last thirty years.

Angelo Capasso in one of the short film series “Il punto in piedi” directed by Filippo Carli. Broadcasted by Cultnetworkitalia (2003). Capasso takes inspiration from his book Nottefonda.

“Theory, gesture, action” is the title of three radio broadcasts by Angelo Capasso at the end of 1999, few hours before the year 2000 and the long talked menace of the millennium bug (Y2K bug). The three broadcasts were hosted by “Occhio magico” RAI RADIO 3 and were on three different artists: “I media ieri e oggi. Arte e non Arte” with Luca Maria Patella (present with his voice in the transmission) 27.12.99, “Le stelle cadenti di Anselm Kiefer” 28.12.99; “Tuoni e fulmini di Walter De Maria” 30.12.99.

Heaven Can Wait was a rock band from Rome (1986-89): Gianfranco Vaccari (vocals) Stefano Tosti (bass), Angelo Capasso (guitar), Massimiliano Pagano (keyboards), Alessandro Custodia (batteria). “Fire Without Control” and “The Lights On My Town” (both by Tosti, Vaccari) were recorded at Studi Diapason, Rome (1989). In 1988 the band was finalist in the Rock Roma… Mostra articolo

Heaven Can Wait was a rock band from Rome (1986-89): Gianfranco Vaccari (vocals) Stefano Tosti (bass), Angelo Capasso (guitar), Massimiliano Pagano (keyboards) Alessandro Custodia (batteria). “Fire Without Control” and “The Lights On My Town” (both by Tosti, Vaccari) were recorded at Studi Diapason, Rome (1989). In 1988 the band was finalist in the Rock Roma… Mostra articolo

Picasso was a rock band (Angelo Capasso on guitars) active in Rome between 1985-87. “La forza che” was recorded in Prenestino Recording Studio in 1987.