Angelo Capasso “Global Landscape”

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in “Landscape Reborn”, International conference on “Landscape in Chinese Culture and Art” organized by School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London and the National Art Museum of China and sponsored by the Asian Art in London with:

Roderick Whitefield (Sinologist, Art Historian), Wang Tao (SOAS-University of London), Shane Mcoslin (SOAS-University of London), Jan Stuart (Director of Asian Art Dept. British Museum), Clarissa Von Spee (Chinese Art Collection, British Museum), Zhang Hongxing (Chinese Art Collection, Victoria & Albert Museum), Jiang Jiehong Curator (Director of Chinese Visual Art Center, Birminghan) Fan Di’an (Director of National Art Museum of China), Chen Lusheng (Deputy Director, China National Museum), Yu Hui (Director of Research Dept.,The Palace Museum of China), Chen Kelun (Deputy Director,Shanghai Museum), Li Xiaoshan (Director of Research Center of Contemporary Art), Nanjing Art Acadamy, (Director of Museum of Nanjiang Art Acadamy), Wang Yuechuan (Professor of Pecking University, Director of The Art of Calligraphy Research Institute of Pecking University), Li Xianting (Art Critic, Director of Songzhuang Art Museum), Shao Dazhen (Professor of Central Acadamy of Fine Art of China), Zhu Qingsheng (Art Historian, Professor of Pecking University), Xu Bing (Artist, Deputy Director of Central Acadamy of Fine Art of China), Cai Guoqiang (Artist), Xu Longsen (Artist), Wang Jianwei (Artist, Art critic), Chang Tsong-zong (Art Critic, Director of HongKong Hanart Gallery, Chairman of Asian Art Archivi), Clare Xu (President of Asian Art Archive), Wan Liqing (Director of Visual Institute, The HongKong Polytechnic University), James Elkins (Art Historian, art critic, Professor of Chicargo Art Institute), Colin Mackenzie (Chief Curator of Chinese Art, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art), Xu Jie (Director of Sanfransisco Asia Art Museum), Xing Xiaozhou (Curator), Jacques Giès (Director of Musee Guimet, France), Richard Vinograd (Christensen Fund Professor in Asian Art Department of Art & Art History Stanford University), Si Han (Curator, Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm).

1 November 2011

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